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Dag Ohrlund
Ohrlund Media

As a journalist, a photographer and a editor-at-large, I have known Anneli Adolfsson for some twenty years, during which I have followed and admired her work. Anneli is not only a wonderful and very reliable person, but also an extremely and professional photographer, always going above and beyond to create unique and memorable photographs. Her pictures, regardless of if they show rock stars, professional models or our beloved dogs, are very good, and I truly recommend her!

Paul Goldberg
Hollywood New York International

I have seen many special people in my short 68 years on Earth, but no one even close to Anneli, having the skill, intuition and gifted Heavenly talent that makes Anneli a unique, superb photographer, videographer, Television cameraperson and visionary. From the incredibly flawless contact sheet with 36 exposures / photos on her first roll of 35mm film Anneli shot with a borrowed Nikon, to her national Television show camera work Anneli did for us that was stunning for anyone to achieve even after many years behind the camera, Anneli has never failed to have us all marvel at her wonderful, inspired work in any format she chooses to get creative. We love our Anneli. A wonderful soul and exemplary women, human, person and cherished friend.

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