Hatched During The Pandemic


“And just like that, an invisible organism cleared out the streets and shut down the businesses. People isolated in their homes, pressing their face against the glass and wondering if it is safe to go out. The sound of silence echoes between the walls and it is deafening. The enemy infiltrated the privacy of your sacred temple, took your wands and palettes and shattered them on the floor. The shimmering dust and spider like extensions are fading in the sunlight. The armor held sacred in the treasure chest gets unveiled as you dress for battle and rise from the ashes.”

  • Strong
  • Independant
  • Innovative
  • Fierce
  • Empowered
  • Fearless

Ahhh, the wonders of weirdness. So I finally made good use of my stash of gas masks I had acquired from Army surplus stores in NYC. An idea born out of a devastating pandemic and turned into something beautiful. We are all COVID DOLLS™, we are survivors. We adapt, we change, we flow like the water in the river, hugging the rocks and shaping them into new works of art.

I decided to choose a muse to kick this project off the ground and what better one than my longtime friend, Playboy model, celebrity DJ and award-winning film maker Brittany Andrews. Her laugh rings out like Fran Drescher and she is as sharp as a Ninja’s sword. And most important of all, she is fearless and gives the word fierce a new meaning.

I invite you to contact me for this on-going project; models, artists, entertainers, actors, influencers, moms, next-door neighbors…I believe there is a COVID DOLL within all of us and that needs to be celebrated. No previous experience necessary, just a live-and-let-live attitude and an open mind. I welcome elaborate ideas and collaborations. LET’S TALK!

Artist credits: Gas Mask Face: FRANKY AGUILAR and Kill The Virus: DUSTIN HOOTS & JEFF LEWIS

…My love and fascination of the bizarre and unique has always SPARKED my creativity. as the corona virus ravages the planet, i find myself surrounded by dolls…

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